Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sketch + WIP

Since I still can't post most of the work I am doing, I hope to make some more time for late night sketches like this:

The rough sketch (left) and The "clean-up" (right):

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Toodletip Walk: Rough Test

I did this a while back some beautiful rainy afternoon in Dublin :P
Must return to it and clean it up to make this work!

Here are some sketches of the character (designed by Eddie Jensen: http://sketchmazoid.tumblr.com/)

From posemanics to Concept: Step by Step

1) Did a series of 90 second warm up sketches on posemanics and I then picked one to use as the base model for my drawing:
2) I then roughed out some crap on top of that model and inked over it:

3) Finally add some simplistic coloring and we're done:

Some doodles

Did some sketching in between jobs today.

The drawing below was an experiment of proportions that didn't make sense, can't say it works. But if you don't try out new stuff, you won't discover anything new either right!

The headshape was based on something I saw on a patterned wall, it's funny how literally anything can be an inspiration :P

And finally some drawings of one of my friends character for fun