Thursday, June 27, 2013

IGN's Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty

Did this while listening to their podcast, Colin spoke about being fed up of zombies. I agree there is too much zombie garbage out there, this is kind of why I haven't finished my zombie comic yet. Gotta wait 20 years until the fed has passed :P

Some other stuff

So, I am working on a lot of different projects! Working on 3 animation sequences, doing some character designs, updated my showreel. So hopefully I'll be able to share some of that stuff here with you. In the meantime , here are some glimpses:

This is actually for a personal animation. Picking up a scene I had in mind for my zombie comic and animating it instead. Unfortunately this one gets least of my time dedicated to it :/
Here are some preliminary sketches for a character I was working on:

And of course..random sketch! Who could forget about random sketch time!

Time for a midnight sketch

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Granny Runcycle - Finished..sort of

So I tried to do this relatively quick, but it's quite evident I don't have enough milage under my belt yet to be super awesome! Haha, so this is why I am dedicating all my spare time to animating now. I also forced myself to draw this animation in flash, I didn't quite dare to attempt clean up in flash yet, that's the next step : P

And here are a few stills from the animation:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Time to animate!

Granny has a problem! Her dead ancestors are coming over for tea and Jasper (her dog) has made a mess! Jump over Jasper's mess without dropping the tea and get to the guests before they realise what a dumb idea for a game this would be! It's animation time! :)

All lame jokes aside, I will be animating this as the first in a series of animations for my reel.

Tutorial: Harry Partridge Animation Guide

Just stumbled on this animation tutorial for beginners by Harry Partridge. Fun ways to learn are always good to share right?
There are 8 episodes all together:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A tale of Pigs : Part Deux + Steps

I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not knowing when to stop. Haha, what started as a sketch ended up as a pretty much finished character illustration. I included a pretty high res version below of the final image:

I don't know how useful it is but I also included some progress shots. If anybody would ask me how to do this, I would say one thing: Patience... And that's one thing I really don't have :P

A Tale of Pigs + Step by Step

I was bust looking for jobs, freaking out about not having work, doing some commissions and watching E3 last week. But this week I decided to go full throttle again and draw from the moment I get up until I go to sleep. I'll do that for 5 days and then maybe take the weekend off if I feel I need to.

Unfortunately I also have a few job interviews lined up, so it'll eat away my spare time so we'll see what we end up doing. Since I finished a few commissions, I can now work on some animations...

But for this evening I did some sketching and took the digital brush out for a ride.

1) Pig Sketch

A- The WIP on my current progress:

B- Let's travel through time to see how we got here! Here are the flat colors.
C- This is the lineart (not really cleaned up properly though, but it's a sketch for a reason)

D- The original rough sketch. I love this drawing a lot more than the clean up. I just lose a lot when I go to clean up. Something I need to work at!
E- This is the initial sketch where I drew the main ideas and volumes before I flesh things out.
2) Missing piglet!

As you can see from the initial sketch, I got rid of the little pig. So I gave him some prime time on his own:

3) Did some work on a background. The reason I share this is because you can see I was going a totally wrong direction and need to just be able to start over again. I cleaned up the shapes and laid in the foundations for the final painting.

A- Current rework:

B- What is was before. There's a few things to like in this, but the perspective is wrong, the tones don't describe depth correctly, etc...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Late Night sketch

It's been a while since I did some digital painting. Pretty random:

Monday, June 10, 2013


Full color sheet:



Turnaround : Granny

Here's the turnaround for one of the main characters for the comic I am working on, also might want to take her into animation in the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Late night sketch

Before going to bed I like to sketch out some characters for my comic. This will not be to everybody's taste, but it's MY comic, so I'll do with it what I want :P

Monday, June 3, 2013

Evil cat design :)

I am trying to spice up my portfolio, so going back to some characters I designed and making some proper design sheets. The problem with me is that I already know what it looks like, so I don't always see the point in taking the time to put it on paper haha. But obviously outsiders can't see the content of my brain, so I guess I have to:

This is the render of the character:

Here are the sketches: