Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011

August Monthly Pummel Match

So this month's challenge was "thundercats". I don't know if anybody saw the new series? It's pretty cool! I mean it's a kidshow but for us animation fans it's still cool, right?

Here's the final piece:


July's Monthly Challenge

Here's July challenge over at I don't really know anything about GI Joe, so far any fan this probably doesn't make any sense. But I drew Storm shadow about to kill his master and Snakesomething creeping up behind him for the upcoming revenge battle. As backgroundI used these super cool statues that guard some Chinese temples.

I lost the match, but it was fun drawing this.

Final Piece:

Catching up....

Wow, so it has once again been ages since I posted something! Well, no surprise I once moved to a new place again and yes started a new job as well! Went on a 2 week holiday in the world's most expensive country and finally upgraded to a smart phone! But as far as art's been going it's been going quiet. So here's a few catch up posts!

So to get back into the whole drawing business, I joined up at penciljack again to do some monthly matches between artists all for good sport. June's topic was Captain America.

Here's my piece:

I was digging through some old stuff on my PC and found this funny drawing... Once upon a time I got this opportunity to draw caricatures for an Irish company, I never drew any caricatures before so it was new unexplored ground and to be honest...not my thing :P