Sunday, December 1, 2013

PROJECT: Testing out ToonBoom

The work in progress below (ToonBoom):

Version with clean up in Photoshop:

I cleaned up the frames in Photoshop without referencing the next or previous shot. Obviously a stupid thing to do (more info below).

Cleanup was the phase where it fell apart, I planned to use Photoshop but .....
this is how things look when trying to scrub between drawings in Photoshop..on top of that it needs to load the image each time...nearly impossible to clean up properly!

So instead I just cleaned up the individual frames without referencing the previous and next shots...I'm surprised it even looks half as good as it does :P Next animation I'll do from start to finish in ToonBoom!

Here's a still:

BBC Harry Hill's Take on Me

Forgot to post it here, this is the video I did rotoscoping for (together with 3 other artists) during my break from work:

Making off video :

The full video :