Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Star Wars: Episode II: Greyscale + Step by Step

So this is the greyscale image so far and a step by step since some people like to see it.
The sketch step by step is in the previous post.

Stage 5: Reworked the greyscale, I wasn't happy with the contrast, so since the main subject are the Jedis, I made them the darkest part of the image.

Stage 6: Don't forget to flip your canvas to spot mistakes (and don't be too lazy to fix 'em once you see 'em :P). As you can see I started shading the characters one by one after I had done the color lay-in

Here's more refinement on the characters. You can see I slightly started changing style since I painted Obi Wan, I'll have to go back over Count Dooku to match him up with the other characters.

Stage 7 : Worked on the background, since I am on a tight deadline I am not going into detail, just general shapes since it's not really the focus anyway. I might refine it later if I decide the image is good enough. But greyscale is done.

Star Wars: Lord Dooku Scooter chase WIP + Step by Step

It's drawing time!
I need to do a drawing for a monthly draw-off on, the topic is sci-fi and I really wanted to do something from my own imagination, but I happened to rewatch the Star Wars saga from scratch, and yeah that means suffering through the first 3 films. Actually, I was watching them in blu ray and that is just such a more enjoyable experience. With all the things crammed into one screen, you really need the HD treatment to make sense of it all. And Star Wars III was actually really cool to watch.

Anyway, I'm getting off track, one of the sequences that stuck with me was Count Dooku on a fekking scooter. Who in the world thought that putting an overages Jedi on a scooter would be cool? It's really not, it's lame in every way! So here's my tribute to that scene (Work in progress).

I made me think Star Wars Kart should be made!

stage 1: thumbnails
Yes I had it all in my head, so I didn't need to do more
than place the shapes into a composition I liked.

Stage 2: Rough pencils (even though it's digital)
I placed them in a real city, but later changed the idea
to fit more with the sci-fi theme

Stage 3: Some more detailed pencils
Changed the background into a market on Tattooine

Stage 4: General greyscale scheme

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gds speedpainting 3

SO I stayed until the last session, for which we did a 1 hour speedpainting based on the theme "Christmas lights", here's my idea and afterwards threw on some colors.

Gdsworld Sketch 2

Another Speedpainting challenge on gdsworld:

30 mins:

Worked a bit more on it during critiques:

Gdsworld Sketch

I joined an online stream and I joined in painting, the endresult was something like a fail. I jumped too quickly to details. Gotta create shapes first and then go in with details. Good learning experience.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Daily Sketch Day 1

Trying to spark my creative work again, so I am forcing myself to draw at least one character per day for 30 mins in my sketchbook. Staying clear from digital for a while.

I got the topic from my facebook friends, thsi one is a "Faun".

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Caricature critique

The awesome talented Marc McMCabe (check out his blog ) gave me some great crit on my caricature attempt. The man is a painting beast and always honest with his feedback. I love that man :) Anyway wanted to share this, as this is great information!

His version of my buddy:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Caricature sketch 2

Another one, they are just really fun to do, even though this one turned out bad for several reasons:

-Reference:  This was a very low res image of somebody I have never even spoken to. There was  no interesting light, couldn't zoon in to get any details.
- Poor brushwork. I think because the reference image had such little info to go by, I started brushing things up randomly to make it interesting. But I need to have less strokes with more information.

But making bad images is just as important as making good ones. As long as we're critical about our work, and learn from it! :)

Caricature Practice

This is a one hour caricature attempt. One of my talented friends was kind enough to offer his mug for some fun :)

The reference:

Step by Step: