Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I couldnt decide if I wanted to have a nap or do some work for colege,
and luckily I decided to do some work and I colored my pencil drawing for illustration.
I haven't really come close to digital painting for a while, because I still don't know jack about color, but I think this turned out pretty cool.

Version 1:
The painting as done in photoshop without tweaks

Version 2:
I tried to get the full attention to the fish and the glowing candy,
and desaturated the witch-fish-thing. Don't know if it works any better though...


  1. I would just say the contrast of saturated colors is too much. If it werent for the ball in the middle their would be no highly saturated colors, you wana have saturated colors in places even if its an unsaturated area, not alot but its just the way it works. So I would definetly bring out those kids alot more, and the big fish too, when you do that though dont forget that will push the bg even further into unsaturatedness hehe so youl have to bring that up too. I liked it on first look though, im just bashing on it coz this is something(painting) I can go in depth on. So to sum up, ball in the middle - most saturated, kids - a tiny bit less saturated and since their so close to the light source maybe intense shadows beneath them would be cool, and big fish - a little less saturated, I know you want her to not stand out as much but maybe a better option would be to first off make the water a little bluer, and have her close to that blue, except for yellow light on her face, yeah that would be cool. I wanted to see how long I could make this comment, Im happy with that size (thats what she said), haha I pushed it a little further

  2. This is actually the first time that I know somebody in the physical world around me that is better at painting then me, so it's great to get tips and advice from you on this. I think it could be worth my while to finish this one properly maybe for my portfolio.

  3. This is awesome. This has been displayed in the college upstairs in the school of animation