Thursday, February 18, 2010


I really was sliding down a slope this week.
The weight of life sometimes just takes over and once you're out of the rythme, it's hard to come back. But here we are, hopefully set for a full day of work!
Starting out with some drawings for Graham, a character I'm working on for our script project. I promised myself not to do any digital painting anymore, but once I open Photoshop I'm sold...arrghhh
Next up..finish my walkcycle today!

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  1. i was in a similar rut this week
    heres something that helped me. Put all your goals on little post it notes, and stick em in front of you where you work, when your done with it throw it away and do another one. It actually really helped me finish my animation, and then throwing it in the bin felt great haha, and coz you got all those other ones, but theres one less, its like alot easier to go straight into the next goal

    oh! and cool designs