Thursday, July 22, 2010

Batman Beyond

So here's another image for a comic challenge, this time topic was Batman Beyond. I've been pretty busy busy lately and haven't really been home that much, but I'm trying to make the best use with the time I do sit in front of my PC.

Started off with 3 thumbnail sketches, trying to find a composition that works:

This was the one I was going to work on:

Inked , really trying to keep it kind of toony, which really isn't as easy as it looks! Not for me anyway :)


  1. nice work. I get that you were trying to keep it cartoony but I think some parts just need that extra thought put into them. Like the bad guy on the right coming down with the hatchet. His legs are a bit all over the shop, looks like the left leg is sliding away, never a good stance for killin old men! But the other two guys behind him are fine, though he should really be the most correct since hes the focus ya know? I think acting out these poses yourself might help. Like why would you raise your knee like that to swing down hehe, you raise your knee if your throwing something, Id say for this either have him jumping or have both feet firmly on the ground. Hope that helps! Even though you didnt ask for it.

  2. the only characters I really gave proper thought were the two in the foreground, the other characters are kinda there to have more to look at, I inked them straight away, it's kinda fun to just go in without overthinking stuff, but ur totally right, I shouldv taken my time on them aswell to sort out their poses. Next time haha