Wednesday, September 8, 2010


SoooOOoo..several reasons I didnt post anything for a while.
1) Stupid spammers were really pissing me off on this blog, I hope the new anti spam feature works on blogspot.
2) I moved to a new place! Yay! I'm right in the middle of Dublin now, in the nest of the scumbags.
3) I got a job! Yay, I'm working full-time now after I went totally bankrupt after 3 years of college, now I need to save up money to hopefully go back and finish what I started next year.

So with all that I didn't really lift a finger, but I was doing some small shit here and there.
Gotta keep drawing though! I think it's going to be easier to get motivated though now that I work.
Less time means more pressure means more drawing! Well, that's how I work anyway.

Anyway here are some sketches from the last few weeks:

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