Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anime Poster

I drew my favourite characters from when I was a kid:
Super Goku, Cell, Arale, Hokuto No Ken, Dark Scheneider (Bastard!), Astro Boy, Gunm:

EDIT 14/10 Don't know why but I felt like touching up this old poster I did. I only messed around a bit with colourlayers, contrast and added a texture to replace the white background.


  1. nice colors man, your getting better! Little dark in places though, I mean just coz its a whilte BG n all its sometimes nice to see a fill light used for that, and the black shadows for just ambient acclusion n shit! But on the other hand the fact that it is so dark really punches it in your face! and creates a cool sillouette.... damn I shut me up.

  2. thanks for the comments big man! Trying to get some flow going..just doing it for the love of art..haha