Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FF VII Tifa : part IV - Getting there

I nearly spend a whole hour trying to glue the body together. I used the duplicate tool when modelling and when I tried to use the auto mirror geometry, Maya couldn't figure out which vertices fitted to which ones...It couldnt even replicate the crease info from one side to the other! But after a bit of frustration I got it all to work.

I still need to model some accesories but since they aren't symmetric, I'll need to model them seperatly. I still need to model the hair aswell which will cover her shoulders (which is why I didn't add any definition there).

I wanted to keep it fairly low poly, so I'll be doing most of the work in the texture phase and then off to rigging in the weekend hopefully!

This is my first real model I guess, so I can only hope the process wil speed up and I'll get better results with practice.

Here are some shots of the model so far:

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