Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catching up....

Wow, so it has once again been ages since I posted something! Well, no surprise I once moved to a new place again and yes started a new job as well! Went on a 2 week holiday in the world's most expensive country and finally upgraded to a smart phone! But as far as art's been going it's been going quiet. So here's a few catch up posts!

So to get back into the whole drawing business, I joined up at penciljack again to do some monthly matches between artists all for good sport. June's topic was Captain America.

Here's my piece:

I was digging through some old stuff on my PC and found this funny drawing... Once upon a time I got this opportunity to draw caricatures for an Irish company, I never drew any caricatures before so it was new unexplored ground and to be honest...not my thing :P

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