Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back to Basics: Animation 102

Started today with a quick animation of a bowling ball. I tried it first in Photoshop, but photoshop is a pain in the *** to animate with. The problem is that I seem to not have the same control of my line in flash! Practice, practice, practice right?


  1. Very nice, where you just checking you still remembered how to do it? DO SOMETHING HARDER :D

    Also I found this free program a while ago PAP4, its ok but has problems. As far as the process of making the animation goes, its good. But I couldnt figure out fucking exporting.
    Heres what i did in it

  2. lol, awesome animation! I really want to go through all basic exercices again before doing some more advanced stuff. Because yeah, I forgot it all :P
    PAP4 is not available for MAC :(