Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Tale of Pigs + Step by Step

I was bust looking for jobs, freaking out about not having work, doing some commissions and watching E3 last week. But this week I decided to go full throttle again and draw from the moment I get up until I go to sleep. I'll do that for 5 days and then maybe take the weekend off if I feel I need to.

Unfortunately I also have a few job interviews lined up, so it'll eat away my spare time so we'll see what we end up doing. Since I finished a few commissions, I can now work on some animations...

But for this evening I did some sketching and took the digital brush out for a ride.

1) Pig Sketch

A- The WIP on my current progress:

B- Let's travel through time to see how we got here! Here are the flat colors.
C- This is the lineart (not really cleaned up properly though, but it's a sketch for a reason)

D- The original rough sketch. I love this drawing a lot more than the clean up. I just lose a lot when I go to clean up. Something I need to work at!
E- This is the initial sketch where I drew the main ideas and volumes before I flesh things out.
2) Missing piglet!

As you can see from the initial sketch, I got rid of the little pig. So I gave him some prime time on his own:

3) Did some work on a background. The reason I share this is because you can see I was going a totally wrong direction and then..you need to just be able to start over again. I cleaned up the shapes and laid in the foundations for the final painting.

A- Current rework:

B- What is was before. There's a few things to like in this, but the perspective is wrong, the tones don't describe depth correctly, etc...

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