Monday, August 19, 2013

Studytime! Disney's Robin Hood: Silhouettes

I will devote my studytime this month to one of my favourite Disney movies: Robin Hood! First I wanted to do some silhouette studies. To really see how well it is used, and boy o boy..check these out. Almost all of them read perfectly! Wouldn't expect anything less from the 9 old men of course :P

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  1. I saw your silhouettes of Robin Hood the movie. I'm making a shirt for my son and I need a full image silhouette of Robin Hood holding his bow. I have found several color images of it, but NO silhouettes ANYWHERE. :( I love your silhouettes above and wondering if you might be able to make one of the image I send you?? I know its a long shot, but I would really appreciate it and my son would be sooo happy :)