Thursday, January 9, 2014

Randy Cunningham / Star Wars Fanart + Step by Step Breakdown

Here's an image I did for the blog we keep at work (LINK)

This took me about 4 hours from start to finish (and it's quite rough when you take a closer look). But as always I share my workflow for those interested:


1) Always start off with a series of thumbnails to explore your composition and ideas. I was a timelimit so I only did one and went with the first idea (always bad to do :P)

2) On another layer I roughed out the characters to get ready for final pencils:
3) This would be referred to as your tight pencils, so usually you'd actually do another run for clean inks. But again, since I didn't have much time I stopped here.

4) Before I start coloring I like to fill in some color for the background since it will affect how colors look and work on the page. I knew there would be red lightsabers and lots of brown so I opted for a green background.

5) I think colored all the characters in one go (including shading) on one layer. You'll notice that I picked very similar colors for all the characters to get some kind of harmony in the image. I kept the background layer on a separate layer though and tweaked the colors to get the final result. Also added some lightsaber effects on a separate layer for the finishing touch.

EDIT: Turns out the guys at Titmouse shared my work on the official fanpage on facebook! Awesome!

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