Sunday, October 1, 2017

Inktober DAY 1

So my aim for joining this Inktober is to really learn a bit about inking, so instead of drawing my own art I will focus on copying some of the art I really like and try to offset it with some drawing from life.

I started reading Akira in manga...holy crap! Why did I not do this earlier! The manga is very different from the movie on how everything plays out, so you won't be bored or get a feeling of deja vu. And the artwork just gets better and better throughout even the first volume (which is pretty massive).

I'm not going to do it justice by copying his work, the reason I chose the panel below is because his compositions of groups of people are so good. Very clear and every character feels like they have personality and attitude. I'm also looking at how he chooses greys to make the characters pop out clearly.

Then I also drew a mysterious little firething outside on my balcony, never used it but it looks awesome! :P Lazy inking but deciding where the dark shadows fall to make it pop off the page.

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