Monday, February 5, 2018

STORYBOARD WK1: Figure Drawing Exercice 01

I am doing a storyboarding course with CGMA and wanted to share this great exercise they gave as an optional homework:
The exercise is to draw from a picture with a timer for 1 minute, I just drew from a gig recording of 'Priests' on youtube. I love the sassy energy of this frontwoman.

My lines were a bit crude, so then I tried to do a couple with some more flow:

After this it's time to switch to 1 minute poses but without reference, trying to use the character you've been drawing and use it as inspiration for poses. 1 minute is NOT LONG! haha

I then wanted to put some nicer lines on a couple:

These last ones definitely better:
It's all about practice! If you put in the time you'll be great, if you're like me and you wander in and out of practice, you'll just need to put in some more work :D

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