Thursday, April 8, 2010

More sketchbook work

I planned to go sketching in the zoo but the queue to get in was massive!
So I just walked back and made some sketches along the way home.
this is the first time I did some actual figure studies outdoors :D
I have no idea if I approached it alright but concidering I drew them while walking,
I'm pretty happy!

This is a skeleton pose drawn without reference, getting there!

Sketch for a daily sketchgroup challenge over at CA

Random poses


  1. while walking? you beast!
    zoo tomorrow? If I get up to Dublin in time that is :P Il be going up tomorrow but im not sure what time.
    Skulls too big on that skeleton.
    She also hates her uneven tits.
    All those poses are crap...

    Btw this is payback for calling me a retard pirate haha!

  2. lol, I never called you a retard pirate, I just said that pose made you look like one :P Haha You;re rigth though, my conceptual poses are pretty crap, and her tits are uneven and the skill IS too big :D What about Zoo on saturday? And lets go early because I hate queueing!

  3. yea yea sure sure haha. Yeah I was only joking, but all those things are true! haha
    Yeah ok saturdays good, I guess, any time theres guna be annoying kids! and even MORE annoying adult people. You wana discuss script later?

  4. sure we have to get together with Michal. I think he gave up on us already :D

  5. I meant tonight, skype or something. Im stressin out so bad man! :O I dont really know how much we have to do or how long we have to do it!

  6. lol, you stressing out?? Haha, just now that I decided not to give a toss about college work :D

  7. Yeah were total opposites all the time haha
    no I figured out it cant be college work coz well, I dont have THAT much to do really, ive done it before I can do it again.
    What im stressing out about is I only wanted to spend one week in Sligo and ive spent close to 3 weeks.... like what the fuck happened there? haha. Now I can only do like 1 day in the zoo and hopefully well be able to meet to talk about script