Friday, April 2, 2010


Completely random sketch, but sometimes you feel like you want to put your figure studies to test, definitly much more able to draw then I was a year ago...Now I'm heading into town to buy some more anatomy books and possibly invest in a quality set of pencils.

Colored it when I got home

Awfull attempt at drawing Ken from Fist of The North Star...
my anatomy is definitly not good enough to draw huge muscly bulky men,
he looks like a fat out of proportion Ken :D


  1. pendant of that necklace looks like her aereola :D cool sketch man

  2. lol, I had to google what an aereola means, just say nipple man! Haha, I only did this sketch cos an annoying voice in my head kept saying "sketch more", I think I'll call that voice Marc :D

  3. its actually the area aaround the nipple so NO I wont just say nipple haha