Saturday, April 28, 2012

Poster Design : Step by Step

So here's a super quick step by step explaining the creative process behind this drawing:

 First of all you create your thumbnail. In this case I wanted to tell a narrative so make sure you really think about the placement of characters. We read from left to right, soI first needed to have the customer and then the customer service agent. The granny is facing to the right to direct the viewer to that direction, the kid was in the middle where the eye can rest a bit and then you see the customer service rep. To be honest you should do at least 7 thumbnails before you move on, obviously I only did one. That's because I was in a hurry to get this done.

Step 2:
Now you blow up that thumbnail and sketch over it. This is where you should really take your time to think about all details, I didn't think about the background behind the door here, which caused me some issues later on. Don't be lazy and get everything laid out properly here, make as many changes as needed before you head into the inking phase.

Step 3:
 Inking the shit out of everything! Haha, I usually still tend to fix a lot of stuff in this stage, so if you're not confident add another step (2.5) to go over your rough pencils and draw all your detail. As I mentioned last time, continually flip the canvas to avoid embarrassing mistakes. I'll actually post my pencil and inking settings next time, if anybody is interested.

Step 4:
Obviously this is where colouring starts, for this drawing I did something new. I just took a brush and splattered colours on top of the page. Usually I start by filling the flats, but this time I just wanted to jot down colors that would go well together. I actually paid attention to making the two front characters the focus by making their colors vibrant and warm, where the customer service rep is, there's lots of green and blues (cool colours)because we want to viewer to see him last. I didn't take any step by step screenshots this time, but I might for the next drawing I do.

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