Friday, April 27, 2012

Sketching in Photoshop: step by step

For those of you who wonder how I create my sketches, I am doing a step by step (kind of). This is the final ink:

So how do I start? I just visualised a pose in my head and then acted it out. Trying to "feel" the pose I was doing. Since I don't have a mirror or don't use reference, I'm just trying to think about where my feet are in relation to my hips and what the general movement is.

As you can see underneath, the line of action that follows through from the leg, to spine to head is clear.
When I now compare it to the final image, I clearly lost that which is why the final result looks a bit dull.
In the next phase I flesh out the body a bit more, drawing in some muscle groups. Looking back at things, this is where I messed up. I lost the fluidity of the original sketch.
See I didn't post this to show you all how good I am, no..I make a ton of mistakes. And I think it's much more useful to learn from these mistakes, so I'm sharing them with you all :)
So in the next stage I then draw the clothes and prepare for the inking stage. While I am drawing I flip the canvas horizontally so I can spot glaring mistakes.
And then the final ink. That's how I work nowadays. Sometimes I skip the pre-inking stage and go straight to ink, but that's always a risky don't do it! :)

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