Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let's get the ball rolling

I can't say I had an artist block..I was suffering (am still suffering) from laziness, something I picked up during the Christmas period. I allowed myself to take a backseat, and I started playing through the Mass Effect trilogy for the second time. That's about a 90 hour gaming assignment :P

So far I managed to complete the first one and on my way through the second one, what can I say. For me it's the only game series worth playing, every other game I just get bored of. But Mass effect is a fantastic fleshed out world, with great characters, great dialogue, great story, great visuals. But yeah, I've gotta go back to drawing so after a night of drinking I came home and did some quick gestures (from imagination).

First post of the New Year, it can only get better form here on :P

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