Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Star Wars: Episode II: Greyscale + Step by Step

So this is the greyscale image so far and a step by step since some people like to see it.
The sketch step by step is in the previous post.

Stage 5: Reworked the greyscale, I wasn't happy with the contrast, so since the main subject are the Jedis, I made them the darkest part of the image.

Stage 6: Don't forget to flip your canvas to spot mistakes (and don't be too lazy to fix 'em once you see 'em :P). As you can see I started shading the characters one by one after I had done the color lay-in

Here's more refinement on the characters. You can see I slightly started changing style since I painted Obi Wan, I'll have to go back over Count Dooku to match him up with the other characters.

Stage 7 : Worked on the background, since I am on a tight deadline I am not going into detail, just general shapes since it's not really the focus anyway. I might refine it later if I decide the image is good enough. But greyscale is done.

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