Saturday, September 14, 2013

STUDY #1: Assault Girls Movie


After a series of bad sketches, it's time to hit the study desk again. Fortunately I am bad at a lot of stuff so it will be easy to pick out something to work at ;) I'm pretty bad with color, and I want to improve composition. Since I also love watching movies, I'll combine both in a series of studies.

1: I took a still and tried to pick the color by hand in Photoshop (not trying to reproduce the still, but gain more knowledge about color and tone).

The movie I picked is "Assault Girls", yeah..if you check out the trailer you can gauge how bad it is. But it is directed by Mamoru Oshii who directed some of my favourite anime movies (Ghost in the Shell 2 and Patlabor 1 and 2) so I had to just watch it! It's hard to believe he'd be directing something that looks like a poor live action cutscene for a game. Still...there is lots of quality to be found, it also doesn't take itself seriously (thank god), and I really enjoyed a couple of moments in this film.

Anyway, you can see below how poor a job I did picking colors. I'll probably also sketch in the characters before I start blocking characters because it looks like a drawing of a 5 year old :D

And of course the trailer:

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