Saturday, September 28, 2013

STUDY: ERGO PROXY - Backgrounds

In the first one I didn't draw the toilet because it was clearly a 3D model, so I would probably have to gather a picture of a toilet to get a similar effect... and I am not that desperate :P

The second one I just slapped on that character and merged the layers before I noticed it looked like crap. Ergo Proxy is a cool show, but man..when you study those backgrounds they are out of focus, overexposed tricks. It certainly wouldn't hold up as art on it's own I think but it really works with the story. I've learned quite a bit copying these backgrounds (poor as my attempts may be).

Main tools used:
 - Radial Gradient
- Very soft brush at 4% (for the bed and highlights on that metal table.
- Texture for the wall in the bathroom
- Lots of shape drawing with the lassoo tool and >Gaussian blur.

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