Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Analysing "out of Sight" with the Pixar Storyguide + Bill Plympton

I'm digging into storytelling lately, so I am deviating perhaps from posting up sketches and instead decided to use the Pixar storytelling method on one of the shorts I really liked.

The shortfilm is called "Out of Sight":

Once upon a time…There was a blind girl and her guide dog
And every day…She took her dog out for a walk Until one day…Her purse got stolen
Because of this…the dog ran after the thief and disappeared into a crack in a fence
Because of this…the girl went into this dark place looking for her dog
Because of this…she had to rely on her other senses like touch, sound, smell to navigate on her own through the world.
Until finally…..she finds her dog again.
And ever since…well, nothing has changed..this wasn't a character development piece

I think the ...and because...part is really important, actions by characters need to be a reaction to a situation. Can't remember where I heard this, but if the story is told by...and then...and then...and then...it's a bad story. We can also see in this story that there is no character development, instead of the character learning something, we learned something directly as an audience.

And also want to share the work of Bill Plympton, you can have a look on youtube for some of his shorts. But here is a really great presentation with Bill who gives out some advice and insight on producing independent films:

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