Sunday, March 23, 2014

ART TRADE with Michelle Henderson : Final Fantasy XII's Vaan

This is my piece for an art trade with Michelle Henderson. Please check out her work on her  facebook page. If you like character design, you'll love her artwork!

I'm not exactly sure if I like my own piece, I really want to work on perspective and dynamic poses...but I am still very "fresh" in doing that. So most likely I am greeted with failure...but I don't have the skills yet to see. I like the composition and color palette however.

I posted a step by step below.


MICHELLE's ARTWORK (click to enlarge)


1) Thumbnail/ ROUGH
As you can see I was making a lot of changes through the process. I cut and pasted the arm to make it bigger, and in the ink version I also enlarged the leg.

3) INK (sort's more like clean pencils)

4) Color FLATS

5) Color Shading (simple)

After that I changed the colors slightly (Just changed the heu and contrast) and changed his facial expression into something more normal :D

Michelle then helped me out with easy fix...OVERLAP!

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