Monday, March 24, 2014

Randy Cunningham Scenes

I saved the scenes I worked on for both episodes of season 1 to my youtube account. It's not that I'll be using it for a showreel, but I want to be able to look back through my work and see the progress. I can only hope that I get more work after my contract ends, otherwise this will be a memory of a short lived animation career ;)

These are scenes from Episode 49, which was the first episode I worked on. Props to the BG and Comp department for really bringing this to life!

The following sequence is from episode 52 (the season finale), which is actually less good than my first episode :P One of the reasons is that the original ninja & Plop Plop were new characters, so there was not a lot of reference to go by. Was also the first time animating the ninja for me (little did I know he would be my favorite character to work on later :D). I didn't really have the confidence to push things further at the time. This sequence was a full minute of animation done in 3 weeks. So I am actually just really glad I managed to finish it all in time!

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