Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday Night Sketching

Things are pretty wild here on Saturday.....euhm.....loud music and drawing..that's about as wild as I get these days :D are some initial expression tests for my little witch character. Will need some work to get these eye shapes to work:

Here's a random witch creation for absolutely no reason, always fun to just draw for the sake of it. As you can see the original thumbnail was much better, sort of killed when I drew over it :D

Also started some cat doodles for our second character, this little cat will transform into a monster, so initially I am thinking of a really cute cat.

And finally I was watching some Cowboy Bebop and tried to put down some colors as I saw them on's so hard to guess the colors without color picking. I couldn't get it right. I guess it's one of those muscles that needs to be trained!

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