Sunday, April 13, 2014

Witch concept + Step by Step

This is the first of many concepts for a little character I'm thinking of. Just doodled and invented on the spot, which is quite nice to do sometimes. The silhouette however is pretty terrible on this :P The biggest problem would be to separate the book strapped on her back, so we can make out her small torso and make sure the hair doesn't create a shape by intersecting with the book.

There's also some parts of clothing hanging down that don't really make sense and it's distracting from the legshapes. I do like her hair at least :D



Also forgot to post this drawing from a few days back..pretty random really :D


  1. absolutely brilliant Dave, I'd love to see a kids book with this character, colors are great to :D

  2. Thanks Niall! This is a character I'm developing for an animated sequence. We'll see what happens :P