Thursday, May 22, 2014

STUDY: Rival Schools by Edayan

I want to do at least 1 study a week, no excuses :P

Let's kick off with some of my favorite artwork from the Capcom fighting game, Rival Schools (on the ps1). The original art work is by Edayan.

The aim of my studies is NOT to replicate the image perfectly. I am not a copy machine. I only want to try and investigate how an image would be created and what tools I could use to create something similar in style.

Ok, here we go!

1) Sketched out the shapes, and I highlighted the negative spaces, because I am quite conscious about them while I am drawing. I actually drew the ball too small and as a result the figure is also a bit more squashed than the original :P

So I then sketched the linework, I am investigating where overlap is drawn to clarify muscles and folds in clothing.  In some way it kind of reminds me of Bridgman's drawings, it's quite sculpted.

Using the same brush I use to sketch, I just added a texture in the brush settings in Photoshop. And played around with the "flow" option to get that painted look:

And that's it. Of course it's quite sketchy, if this was my own drawing, I'd clean up the paint around the edges, and create some hard and soft edges, but for this quick study I was quite happy to leave it at this.

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