Monday, May 26, 2014

X-MEN CYCLOPS sketch + Step by Step


so yesterday I drew a couple of stickfigures based on the action "drinking". I wanted to draw an X-men after seeing the new X-men film (which was f-ing awesome!!). So I picked the most "heroic" there such a thing as heroic drinking?

Anyway this is the results (no references used for the figure..which is why it semi sucks :P)


1) As you can see I picked the stickfigure pose and drew another stickfigure..a bit more proportional to a superhero
2) On a new layer I sketched out a more defined version with muscles etc...
3) On yet another later I started to define the character even is where my lack of anatomy kicks me in the butt. Definitely going to grind on studies for the rest of year until I can draw the human figure confidently from any angle.
4) on yet ANOTHER layer, I finally felt comfortable enough to the final pencil version. I focussed on using line to sculpt the body in a 3 dimensional plane. I used the design by EDAYAN (who I mentioned before I one of my studies)

 5) Finally put on some quick colors using Edayan's style as a guide ( I didn't color pick though, I think it's important to try and pick the colors by eye).
6) The fun part, shading! I used only one brush for sketch, line and shading. For the shading I turn down the opacity to 22 - 60%. Look at him gulp on that can of coke...doesn't make any sense, but hey!

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