Sunday, February 15, 2015

STUDY: Persona 3 - Run Cycle Part 2

Ok, so just to clarify, I did not pick this run (or the previous) because they are amazing pieces of animation. I picked these because they work really well with very little effort put into them. Working in tv animation and eventually (hopefully) working on my own shorts, cutting corners is something I'm really into. :D

Here's the breakdown of that run animation (complete with lots of spelling mistakes..I should try and read stuff before I save a jpg).

I then did my own version (based on a character Kamendude > LINK drew for me. This literally took me 5 minutes to do.

And once again for those people interested, this is the magic sketch brush! I honestly can't stress enough how important a nice brush to sketch with is. Everybody has their own preferences, but sketching should never be a struggle (as it was in flash).

And below I also included a pretty cool running scene for that same movie (well, they call it movie, but it's clearly a tv budget production)


  1. Nice one Dave! which films was the ref from? I don't think I have seen it before.

    1. I really wouldn't recommend watching it :P It's called "persona 3", I just really like watching low budget animation for tricks to make my work faster :P