Monday, February 2, 2015


So I cleaned up the previously posted rough in 3 sittings, which kind of sucks because everytime I got back to it I forgot the rules I had set (width of paws, etc..). I also didn't do much of flipping back and forth so quite a lot of lines are siggly wiggly..but I just wanted to have this finished up so I could move on to something new.

This is the "finished" walk, ready now to move on to something new and apply what I learned!  On a sidenote I cleaned this up with the standard brush in ToonBoom, much easier to use than the pencil tool I used last time.

So first the clean lines:

And then my colors, I also applied some random color effects to make it look cooler than it is :) You can click on the images for a larger version...but don't because you will probably hurt your eyes! :D

EDIT: Looking back the worst part of this animation really is the tail and the staff. It's also the thing I added in last, but the movement is super distracting. It would've definitely been better to just leave it out...but anyway, on to new and better!

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