Thursday, May 4, 2017

Gumball Board Study

Trying to keep focussed on boards, quick little sequence from Gumball. Trying to put words along with the thumbnail studies now, just to make myself think about why the camera is where it is, why a cut happens, what the composition means etc...

First part (5 panels) is not so interesting since they fall from pitch black into nothingness, the camera doesn't do anything, the acting is all in the characters body and face expressions.

They them come out form beneath a bed, this is a wide shot to show how tiny they are. Also a shot form the top to show how vulnerable they are.

Cut to a medium shot for acting and to show the looming danger coming their way.

Cut to a wide shot at an angle, this is an action shot, so the angle is to make it more exciting and dynamic, they fly off towards camera for the next cut.

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