Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Since I am working on a runcycle, I figured I might look at a runcycle on the excellent Mickey Shorts done by Mercury.

The original episode is HERE. (Bad Ear Day)

Here's just some notes :

The siderun is easy to break down since the keys are really clear (it is animated on 1's)
Start with 01 for the highest position (then flipped in 07), the other key is 04 which is the squash and 'passing position'. These then have 2 inbetweens each, which can be a bit awkward, I would say 02 favours 01 and 05 favours 04.

The frontrun
seemed to have been done on 2's, with 5 drawings per step, while the siderun has 6 per step. The arms just kind of swing from one side to the other when the foot changes, which I assume is to keep a clear silhouette and balance out the figure.

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  1. Thank you so much. This is really helpful and I study cartoons like this too to scan their movemnt but this is very detailed. I hope you continue this series . looking forward to learn more 😊 From a novice animator learning on his own as can't afford animation school. 🙏