Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bridging gaps

Hohoho, enjoying this little project so much. Love making things look pretty in 3D.
Still didn't animate anything though :)


  1. really sweet man! you can make anything look good in 3d haha, really like the color scheme too, reminds me of a few conceptual paintings I like, that cool blue and orange work awesome together. Oh btw im nearly done rigging Bello

  2. lol, nearly done rigging..we really both are super nerds. I meant to do animation all day, but i get so caught up in tweaking lights, color and geometry haha

  3. well worth it man, I missed those last two images, there just brilliant, sunrise or sunset? :P
    Yeah I rigged him three times today, finally happy with how it turned out, but just need to tweak the skinning here and there, and then do some more work on his diffuse map in photoshop, and then il nerd the nerdy nerd nerd!

  4. haha, then u should fucking upload some stuff to your blog! the rendering per image is 10 minutes, so if I do 125 frames of animation it'll take 21 hours to render! :D
    Really looking forward to see how your Bello experiment is turning turning out, you'll be one major step ahead now you know how to skin and rig zbrusg models!