Monday, March 1, 2010

Katsuya rigged

I rigged my character now in 3DS MAx...aaarrghh ..what a torture!!
You can always count on "something" going wrong! But hey, she's ready now to be brought to life tomorrow! Yihaaah!

Katsuya from Dave Dekeyser on Vimeo.


  1. nice model but would ya be bothered! haha, il probably just use the crappy model I have, or try n make one in zbrush tonight. STILL ya missed life drawing! noooooot coooool

  2. you're doing really awesome stuff! :O

  3. Believe me it hurts missing life drawing class :D Haha, well's the one clas I never want to miss, but I didnt just want to animate a couple of boxes.
    Thanks Danielle! You're doing amazing stuff yourself, who knows if I ever get good at this stuff I can animate your characters in 3D :D