Monday, June 28, 2010

Hulk vs Wolverine WIP

I knew when I draw my morning sketch of Wrex that today would be a crappy day for artwork, and I was right. I've been struggling all day and I ended up in this digital painting of Hulk vs Wolverine which is going nowhere. For me everything starts from a solid drawing, that's why I can't do any digital paintings because I can't get a grip on what I want to portray.
But! Let's not put our heads down yet, because we just need to get going, get past this let down and get back on track! If not today, then tomorrow!


  1. reading that last sentenance I was like "its like hes talking to me" lol

  2. lol, I'm like Jesus...I speak to all of you individually! Haha, man...I only had like a few hours sleep the last days, so I was like a walking zombie, no wonder I didn't have my head on my shoulders right, I just slept for 16 hours lol I don't think I ever slept as long, but things are a lot better today!

  3. no im like jesus, look at my long hair and beard.
    HOLY CRAP get your sleep in order lol! Ive been going to bed way later than I want to... really bad habit, watching tv in bed, eating, basically all the things I know I shouldnt do. Is that compulsive or what! Tonight though im really guna try harder! work until like 8 or 9, maybe read for a bit and then just go to bed and SLEEP. It might work...

  4. haha good luck! I know it doesnt work for me haha