Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Morning warm up

This is actually another concept for that comic challenge, this time just going for straight down poses, what a team right? Venom , Carnage AND black spidey! Yeah, you don't wanna mess with them! Haha

I don't normally sketch digitally, but with digital animation down the line I just have to force the habbit, nothing like a cintiq though right? Damn, somebody please give me one of those beauties, I bet you there's 5 year olds who have cintiqs to doodle on. Why didn't I get the rich parents?

Another update: It's great to attempt things you're not capable of...even if only just to realize what your weaknesses are and what you need to work on. I'm definitly not knowledgable enough to draw oversized bulky masses of muscles, but reassuringly I found lots of venom pictures on google that are just off. In the end the only task we have as artists is selling an idea to the normal people, if they think it's cool. Job done!



  1. forget about the cintiq til your workin in a studio good enough that theyl give you one :P thats what im doing.
    Good to see your flipping the canvas! A little thing I found out a while ago, or rather was made aware of, is that if you record yourself flipping the canvas using "actions" you can set a hotkey for it. So everytime I press f11 my canvas flips, f10 is for clipping mask, and f9 is a new layer. If you dont know how to work actions il tell ya

  2. thats really cool, well i guess i could find a tutorial on actions, but its easier to just get the infoo from you :D You know I started being organizedm so I have an actual timeschedule up on the wall, and I clock in and out of work sessions on an excell sheet lol. It's kind of nuts in a way, but why not, might aswell pretend to be working, just need to start respecting my 3 hour study sessions, I've just been having some lately, which I needed to get my drive back.

  3. For me its like, when I dont have drive Ive found that all I have to do is write down what I want to do, do it, and then I feel great, I use that energy to do something else, and then all of a sudden the balls rolling again. But when theres no drive it can be hard to just start. But is it really hard?
    I included a thing on actions in the video

  4. you're right, its not really hard. Its just easy to do nothing and to sit down and fill your head with worries, fears, and dissapointment lol But I tell you everytime I pick up thepencil, I know it's what I want to do. Thanks for helping me out btw!

  5. wow, thats a nice little sentiment hehe