Tuesday, June 22, 2010

more comic art

More stuff for my summer project comic Unchained, trying to find the style of how I want the art to look like, I think I like the mix of inked characters with simple shading and a painted background. I can't ink backgrounds digitally anyway, the lines become all shakey and I refuse to use the line tool because that would make it look too perfect.

Here's how I worked on this image:

I first pencilled down the sketch and scanned it into photoshop.
I then roughed out where I wanted the blacks to be for the inking.

And then you start inking! I inked pretty closely zoomed in with a 4 px standard brush in photoshop.

One you're done with the inking, I always start coloring the background first, because the colours of the background will affect the colors of your characters.
For this is used the standard brush again with the pressure sensitivity on.
From looking at old Sinbad movies I had a colour palette in mind, and I keep it very simple because I simply don't have enough understanidng of color to go all wild with them :D

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