Friday, June 29, 2012

Green Legend + Step by Step

Today I drew Green Legend on request, as usual I put my process here for interested people:

Here's the sketching process step by step:
1) Sketched out the initial pose and energy with stickfigures:

2) Then I fleshed out the characters to take 3dimensional shape:

3) Then I draw on top with's a mistake I always make..I changed the pose a wee bit. Arrghh. Why do I keep doing that! It just took away the energy the drawing had :(

4) I then inked the drawing:
5) Then the most boring part..putting in the flats:

6) And finally shade the characters for the finished piece:


  1. Dude stop changing the poses from your original sketches! lol its never an improvement.

  2. lol...I almost feel like deleting this post. This drawing makes me feel sick just looking at it :P

  3. You should try and not think like that, because even when you get better youl still think it lol