Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Request: Boxing girl + Step by Step

I started doing requests on deviantart, so here's the second one for YuukiMMD. I added a step by step for those who like to see the process from start to finish:

The sketch: This time I did my sketch in good old fashioned pencil and paper. Didn't really do any thumbnails because I looked up a pose on the net as a reference.

The inking: Not the best inking ever. Actually when I was doing the inks I really felt that this would suck. I tried some harder blacks to give it some more depth..but meh...

The flats: So I decided to use grey and work on top as I didn't want to create a background for this request.

The colors: I used 3 layers for the coloring (in Photoshop). One for the skin, one for the clothes and one for the hair. It actually really helped because I didn't need to take care to paint over another area.

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