Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gds speedpainting 3

SO I stayed until the last session, for which we did a 1 hour speedpainting based on the theme "Christmas lights", here's my idea and afterwards threw on some colors.


  1. Good job man, I see a lot of paintings colored in this process done totally wrong, they come out looking weird and overly saturated or saturated in the wrong places etc. But youve managed to get the glow of artifical lighting as well as the natural color of the sky working.

    PS I got Loomis' Creative Illustration book and a book on landscape painting by John F.Carlson for christmas. You jelly? >:)

  2. Hey thanks bro! Aarrgh books, I am jelly! Although I have aquired a few new books aswell including the Art of Pixar, the colorscripts from all their movies. Prreettyyy! Merry christmas dude!