Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Star Wars: Lord Dooku Scooter chase WIP + Step by Step

It's drawing time!
I need to do a drawing for a monthly draw-off on, the topic is sci-fi and I really wanted to do something from my own imagination, but I happened to rewatch the Star Wars saga from scratch, and yeah that means suffering through the first 3 films. Actually, I was watching them in blu ray and that is just such a more enjoyable experience. With all the things crammed into one screen, you really need the HD treatment to make sense of it all. And Star Wars III was actually really cool to watch.

Anyway, I'm getting off track, one of the sequences that stuck with me was Count Dooku on a fekking scooter. Who in the world thought that putting an overages Jedi on a scooter would be cool? It's really not, it's lame in every way! So here's my tribute to that scene (Work in progress).

I made me think Star Wars Kart should be made!

stage 1: thumbnails
Yes I had it all in my head, so I didn't need to do more
than place the shapes into a composition I liked.

Stage 2: Rough pencils (even though it's digital)
I placed them in a real city, but later changed the idea
to fit more with the sci-fi theme

Stage 3: Some more detailed pencils
Changed the background into a market on Tattooine

Stage 4: General greyscale scheme

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