Thursday, June 5, 2014

STUDY: John Byrne

Let's kick off immediately with some studies. I did a combo of some loomis heads (on my figure drawing blog) and some drawings from an X-Men comic (very classic X-men), I believe the artist is John Byrne. If you look at the old Marvel stuff, you can see a lot of similarities with Loomis' drawings.

Just to give you some insight in what I'm actually doing when copying. In the example below I was looking at how the artist used straight vs curves to get some dynamic in what would be an extremely boring pose. He also broke complete symmetry by having one arm lower than the other.

My aim is never to replicate a drawing exactly the same, it's about getting into the artists' head so you can discover tricks to use in your own work.

And most importantly a page of some stuff from imagination, trying to see if I remember what I drew from Loomis and apply it. It's the only way things will actually stick, unfortunately the results will be very crappy until the information has soaked into that small brain of mine :D

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