Friday, June 13, 2014

STUDY: Yanick Paquette (Uncanny X-men 512)

I've mostly been busy on my other blog doing figure drawings and mixing it up between digital and paper (not so great on paper still). While I was going to indulge myself into a world cup game this evening, I was feeling rather sick so picked up a comicbook instead and did some "studies".

I'm trying to relate "Andrew Loomis" to comic books, mainly just looking at how different artists use line to describe form. I'll be honest though and in some cases I think the fluidity of the shapes is destroyed by very blocky inking. Like having angular shapes on round body forms (breast, tricpes,..).

Anyway here are two pages of doodles. The pencils of the original material by Yanick Paquette (Uncanncy X-men 512).

This page below was actually done first, but because I focussed more on copying things looked very stiff. On the page above I took a bit more liberties and tried to make the line more fluid when I could.

On a side note I also saw a pretty cool video of Jim Lee talking a little bit about how he got into comics and he's doing some live drawing. A lot of people seem to have the assumption that comic artists use a lot of reference, but I would say this is evidence against that (especially talking about drawing the figure now).

Couple of noteworthy things:
- Jim Lee doesn't study anatomy, doesn't know the names of the muscle groups
- He work(ed) 10-14 hours a day / 6 days a week!
- He started drawing (with a tutor) at the age of 4!
- His warm ups are quick hands, faces, bits of anatomy he draws regularly (from memory).

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