Sunday, June 8, 2014

STUDY: Legend of Korra + X-men Anime 2011

In any other profession "studying" involves reading a tremendous amount of boring crap. But luckily for us "artists" it mostly involves looking at pretty pictures.

This week I got the artbook for the legend of Korra series. It's mostly a collection of pre production art (which is exactly what I wanted). It's also nice to see the development of the characters and how the production came together (concidering this is animated by studio Mir in South Korea).

Anyway, here's a page of some doodles from the book. I basically used the Loomis measurements to get me started on the heads, which seems to work pretty well actually.

Next up is a tv animation that I never really heard of, a Marvel X-men anime from 2011 by the name of ...euhmm...X-men. It's 12 episodes long and I'm currently about half way in it. I honestly couldn't recommend it though, there are definitely some good moments, but overall the characters are pretty badly portrayed.

Every once and a while though, they get some artist to knock out some amazing drawings (check out the screens below). Unfortunately not every key animator holds up the standard :D

Anyway, here are some drawings. You can see I draw a lot of heads as of late, it's tying in with my Loomis studies. I'm not really great at drawings faces, so trying to get a little bit of know-how going on that subject.

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