Friday, October 24, 2014

Headless Horseman WIP

Been putting off this Sleepy Hollow Drawing challenge for a long time, it's just not something that gets me excited...but hey, I tried my best tonight and here's the result so far. Those shapes coming out of the ground are meant to be tombstones but no time to flesh it out more.

I kind of like the horseman, but everything else is kinda meh...the deadline is saturday night so I can either finish this one or do something completely different..we'll see what happens.

Greyscale rough:

Some other would be cool if Ichabod Crane would be hanging off a cliff with hell below him while the horseman and Ichabod's girl are making out...really, the story is that she just played with him to get the other guy to want her more, and they then scared him into an early grave by dressing up as a headless horseman.

I picked the thumbnail below because it was the least amount of effort to make it look good. I wanted to finish it in one evening, but clearly a bit too ambitious :P

I also drew this some few evenings ago ...I really hated it and didn't want to give it its' own post entry :P

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